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Stolen Steal VR

Impromptu - 2017


my involvement on this project was pretty minimal, but many of the assets in the game were designed based on my concepts.   

concept art, Illustration, world building, 3D modelling. 

Untitled Stealth medieval game

Impromptu  - 2016 - 2017


Creating the concepts and designs for characters, objects, environments and the finite details of how things work and function inside the game world as imagined by Joe Wintergreen. 

World building is one of my favourite things to work on.  

concept art, Illustration, world building, 3D modelling. 

The Legend Of Zelda, Twilight Princess

Tantalus - Nintendo - 2015


I worked on remastering textures, for the environment and characters throughout the project. I was made lead early in the project directing a team of people to keep the style and quality consistent.

Lead texture artist, painting, 3d topology, unwrapping, texturing


League of Geeks - 2013 released 2015


I've been a part of League of Geeks since mid way through 2015, illustrating and animating cards, graphics, and various other bits and pieces that help the game function.  


 Illustration, Animation, environment and character design.


Pachinko Pictures - 2013


The title Sunshine refers to a place and an idea; the suburban birthplace of artist Leigh Bowery, and Australia's image as the "Land of Sunshine".

Sunshine was a project I worked on with pachinko pictures as part of an internship durring the early stages of 2013.

The game has since been released as part of the L.A. Game Space experimental games pack, which was a reward tier for the kickstarter that funded it.


3d modeling, 2d Painting and Illustration, Photography, Animation and Design( though most of that was handled by the pachinko and co)


Polyform 2012

Apparatus was started as a final year university project by my self Josh Tatangelo and Stephen Chiam, we have since continued to work on the project in our spare time, off and on. 

Apparatus is a 2.5d platformer based around a character made up of individual wooden cubes. Gameplay revolves around the ability to break apart and reform, in order to traverse and interact with the environment. 


Design, Concept art, 3d modeling, textureing, etc... 

whilst im putting together the website for this you can check out the games page here at

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