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Sunshine - 2013

Internship and game for L.A. Game Space​

It was on a whim that I sent that emial to Ian and David at Pachinko Pictures, I'm really not sure what i was hoping for, a pat on the back, a kick in the bum, perhaps a  polite 'hey nice pictures, we are all full up', instead I was welcomed with the warmest widest pair of arms into an enviornment and space that will perhaps shape the way I perceive games, art, politics and culture for the rest of my life.

So I went on over to Pachinko and spent the next what seemed like 30 minutes talking to David Surman, it turns out it was closer to three or four hours and the things that were disscussed ranged from games to my work to Leigh Bowery a famous Australian who I had only heard of one other time in a lecture at university.

Sunshine which at the beginning was being called Leigh bowery avoids carbs'' was what I would call an essay in games form, there are many elements to it, and every single one david and ian have gone over and over, struggled with toyed with twisted  pushed pulled until, for them, it was absolutly perfect.

I like to think about each aspect as a paragraph, with an individual statment and a whole that concludes interpretivly based on what you felt strongest. It was weird, unlike anything I dreamed of working on in the future, and certainly not like anything I made in the past.

More than anything I am proud to have been a part of Sunshine, to help in some way to make something truly different. 

Pachinko Pictures, Paul Callaghan, Shian Law, Jon Dix

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