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Jack Kirby Crosby

I'm Jack Kirby Crosby, I've been working in the games industry for the past 6 years as a 3D artist, illustrator and interactive designer. in my practice as a freelance artist, I've worked on theatre, musicals, museum exhibits, gallery openings, album covers, logo design and podcasts.

I've worked on and contributed to 15 video game titles across multiple platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Oculus VR, PSVR, Switch, Wii U and Mobile. 

I was an artist on Armello creating animations illustrations and various visual elements, I lead a team of artists on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess HD . 

I make a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Dice Paper Role, for which I have been in charge of all visual elements pertaining to the podcast, including posters for our live shows, badges creating visual imagery for each episode check out our podcast here: 

Clients: League of Geeks, Impromptu Games, Deloitte, Millipede, Lost in the Machine. 

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