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Apparatus is a 2.5d platformer based around a character made up of individual wooden cubes. Gameplay revolves around the ability to break apart and reform at will in order to traverse and interact with the environment.

The Wooden Body Cubes revolve around a central glowing ‘’core-cube’’ and their state is dependent on what the ‘’core-cube’ is doing at any given time.

The apparatus comes to life in an old mansion once owned by an old eccentric inventor, who in his later years of life for whatever reason decided to abandon his invention based pursuits and refurbish his mansion in an antique style.


Apparatus was my final year project, in which i worked on design, leve design, lighting, textureing, character and environments 2d and 3d.
play the currently unfinished build by downloading it here.


in colaboration with Josh Tatangelo and Stephen Chiam

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